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  • Elizabeth Dawber

    Elizabeth Dawber

    MWC Semi-Finalist. I write insightful and humorous essays about our collective experiences. Plus the occasional book list. Quality over quantity. Digital Nomad.

  • Alexa V.S.

    Alexa V.S.

    Certified INFJ. Travel enthusiast. Fellow writer. English teacher. Business Consultant. Fantasy lover.

  • Kate Tebailey

    Kate Tebailey

    Positive thinker. Happiness seeker. Wife. Mother. Perpetually curious. https://inspoplace.com

  • Michelle Middleton

    Michelle Middleton

    Health management trainee studying economics & management. I write mostly about business analysis, dentistry, wellness, and economics. Pug & Frenchie mum. 🐶

  • David Litt

    David Litt

    Former Obama speechwriter and winner of Top Chef fantasy league. NYT bestselling author. My new book is DEMOCRACY IN ONE BOOK OR LESS.

  • Priyanka Mashelkar

    Priyanka Mashelkar

    Personal finance that is simple, practical, and enjoyable. Productivity that isn't toxic. Advice that is research-backed, not pleasant.

  • Jonathan Woahn

    Jonathan Woahn

    Chief of Staff @ The Future of Work Studios. Husband. Father. TFA. McKinsey & Co. 3X startups. Entrepreneurship, leadership and self-actualization enthusiast.

  • Simon Tang

    Simon Tang

    Professional amateur; trader, programmer, ex-tank commander, graphic designer, hiker, dancer, beer-drinker, Asian (see picture).

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